Rad Indie Media (RIM) is a radical media aggregate featuring the work of independent journalists and outlets who produce content that challenge official narratives, dig deep to root issues, and report on the stories and people silenced by corporate outlets.

Therefore RIM is not only a one-stop news feed where people can read, watch and listen to the latest in left independent media, but it is also a project that combats the ongoing censorship of alternative voices while uplifting the importance of media literacy. (Each post has a small icon to the left above the title which indicates whether it is for watching, listening, or reading.)

As independent and leftist media continues to be silenced by the big tech titans, the need for grassroots and investigative truth-tellers grows. As the dog whistle of ‘fake news’ seeks to throw out legitimate journalism along with anything that challenges the official narrative, the need for media literacy is amplified. As we watch websites being taken down under false allegations, our goal is to create a safe and secure home base where folks can go to read and see real news from trusted and vetted journalists and groups.

RIM is a not-for-profit project started by Lee Camp and Eleanor Goldfield. We’re not supported by any outside funders or entities, so if you can donate to help keep the site going, please do. We do not accept any offers for advertising or sponsorship.

If you know of an outlet or journalist you’d like to see on RIM, let us know! Please share RIM with your networks and help us amplify these vital journalistic voices, thereby combating both censorship and media illiteracy!